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Taylor Swift Fans Rejoice Over Scooter Braun’s Retirement News: ‘Taylor Ended His Career’ – Glamour

Taylor Swift Fans Rejoice Over Scooter Braun’s Retirement News: ‘Taylor Ended His Career’

The entertainment world was set abuzz this week with the unexpected news of music industry mogul Scooter Braun’s retirement. While the announcement has elicited a variety of reactions from celebrities and industry insiders, few groups have been as vocal as Taylor Swift’s legion of fans. Social media platforms have been ablaze with celebratory comments and memes, with many fans attributing Braun’s career decision to Swift’s enduring impact.

The History Behind the Feud

The animosity between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun traces back to 2019 when Braun’s company, Ithaca Holdings, acquired the Big Machine Label Group, which included the rights to Swift’s first six albums. Swift publicly condemned the acquisition, arguing that Braun had been a persistent agent of manipulative bullying in her life and that she was never given an opportunity to buy her own masters.

The feud escalated as Taylor Swift embarked on a mission to re-record her early albums so she could own the new versions of her music. Swift’s determination not only brought significant attention to the issue of artists’ rights and ownership but also galvanized her fanbase, leading to widespread support and a resurgence in Swift’s previously released works.

Social Media Explodes with Reaction

News of Braun’s retirement quickly became a trending topic, with the phrase Taylor ended his career popping up repeatedly in fan conversations. Twitter, in particular, became a hotbed for Swifities’ celebratory messages. Some fans posted humorous memes and GIFs, while others composed more thoughtful reflections on what they see as poetic justice.

This is karma in action, tweeted one fan. Taylor’s resilience proved that when one door closes, another opens – and sometimes it closes for the people who tried to shut it on you.

A popular meme circulating on Instagram featured a split image of Swift smiling serenely on one side, with Braun’s retirement news headlines on the other, captioned with Swift’s lyric, Karma’s a relaxing thought, aren’t you envious that for you it’s not? from her song Karma.

Industry and Celebrity Reactions

Within the music industry, reactions to Braun’s retirement have been varied. Some prominent figures have praised his contributions, emphasizing his role in the careers of major artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Meanwhile, others have been more muted, likely due to his controversial history and rivalry with an artist as influential as Taylor Swift.

Notably, though, Taylor Swift herself has remained silent on the matter. Given her history of addressing significant events through her music and well-timed media posts, fans are eager to see if she will break her silence in a future statement or song.

The Broader Implications

Scooter Braun’s retirement has also sparked a broader conversation about the power dynamics in the music industry. Many artists have publicly struggled with issues related to the control and ownership of their work, and Swift’s battle with Braun has shone a spotlight on these struggles. Consequently, her efforts have inspired others within the industry to push for more artist-friendly contractual terms and greater transparency.

For Taylor Swift’s fans, Scooter Braun’s retirement is seen as a significant victory in their idol’s ongoing saga for artistic freedom and rights. While the true reasons behind Braun’s retirement remain speculative, the narrative that Swift played a pivotal role in this chapter of his career is one her supporters are embracing wholeheartedly.

As the industry continues to evolve, both artists and executives will be watching closely to see what this development means for the future of music ownership and the empowerment of creators.


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