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Analyzing 11 key policies of the 2024 Reform UK manifesto – BBCcom


As the United Kingdom approaches its 2024 general elections, Reform UK has laid out its key policies in a comprehensive manifesto. This right-leaning party, primarily established after Brexit, aims to address contemporary economic, social, and political issues. Here, we analyze 11 pivotal policies that shape their agenda for the nation’s future.

1. Economic Revival

Reform UK’s manifesto focuses heavily on economic revival, owing to the post-pandemic slump and the impacts of Brexit. They propose a comprehensive tax reform that includes reducing VAT and abolishing inheritance tax. The manifesto emphasizes the need for a more business-friendly environment to attract foreign investments and boost local enterprises.

2. NHS Transformation

Addressing the NHS’s chronic issues, Reform UK proposes an innovative structural overhaul. The policy includes reducing bureaucracy and dedicating more funds directly to patient care. They also advocate for a hybrid healthcare system, combining public and private sectors to offer more choices to patients and reduce waiting times.

3. Immigration Control

Immigration policies take center stage in the manifesto, with an emphasis on stricter border controls and point-based immigration systems to attract highly skilled workers. Reform UK commits to repatriating illegal immigrants and strengthening the UK’s borders to ensure national security and economic stability.

4. Education Reform

The party’s vision for education includes prioritizing STEM subjects and vocational training, aiming to reduce youth unemployment and better equip the workforce. They advocate for increased funding in schools, the introduction of a standardized national curriculum, and higher pay for teachers to attract and retain top talent in the education sector.

5. Law and Order

To tackle rising crime rates, the manifesto outlines a robust policy for law and order. This includes higher funding for police forces, a zero-tolerance approach to crime, and tougher sentencing laws. They also call for the modernization of the judiciary to make it more efficient and accessible.

6. Housing Policy

Reform UK acknowledges the ongoing housing crisis and proposes building more affordable homes to meet demand. They plan to streamline the planning process, making it easier for developers to construct new housing. Additionally, they support measures to help first-time buyers, including tax incentives and government-backed mortgage schemes.

7. Energy Independence

Energy policy is a strategic area where Reform UK seeks to promote energy independence through a mix of renewable and non-renewable sources. They aim to boost investment in nuclear power, fracking, and North Sea oil, while also supporting wind, solar, and tidal projects to ensure a balanced and sustainable energy portfolio.

8. Environmental Conservation

Despite leaning heavily on traditional energy resources, Reform UK places strong emphasis on environmental conservation. The manifesto includes pledges to protect green spaces, reduce plastic waste, and promote recycling and sustainable farming practices. Their policy also encourages innovation in green technologies to combat climate change.

9. Defense and Security

National security is another cornerstone of Reform UK’s policy framework. They advocate for increased defense spending to ensure the UK remains a leading global military power. The manifesto outlines plans for enhancing cyber security, modernizing armed forces, and strengthening alliances with key international partners.

10. Pension System Overhaul

Recognizing the challenges faced by the aging population, Reform UK proposes a radical overhaul of the pension system. They aim to offer more generous state pensions while promoting private pension savings through tax incentives. The policy also includes measures to protect pensioners from rising costs of living.

11. Transport and Infrastructure

Improving the nation’s transport infrastructure is crucial for Reform UK. The manifesto supports major investments in road and rail networks, including the controversial HS2 project. They also plan to upgrade public transport systems in urban areas and promote the use of electric vehicles through generous subsidies and expanded charging infrastructure.


Reform UK’s 2024 manifesto presents a detailed plan centered around economic recovery, national security, and societal well-being. While their policies aim to provide solutions to a broad spectrum of issues, their success will hinge upon gaining public trust and navigating the complexities of implementation. As the election draws near, voters will closely scrutinize these propositions to determine whether Reform UK offers a compelling vision for the UK’s future.


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