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Kim Porter’s Father Speaks Out About Diddy-Cassie Assault Video – TMZ

In recent developments, Kim Porter’s father has publicly spoken out about the shocking video involving Sean Diddy Combs and Cassie Ventura that has surfaced. This alarming footage, which has drawn significant media attention, purportedly captures an altercation between the hip-hop mogul and his former girlfriend. Speaking to TMZ, Porter’s father shared his concerns and reflections on the matter, shedding light on his perspective of the incident.

A Father’s Perspective

Kim Porter’s father did not hold back in expressing his disappointment and shock over the video’s contents. It’s hard to watch something like this and remain silent, he stated. As a father who knew Diddy personally through his relationship with Kim Porter, he described his feelings of betrayal and astonishment at seeing Diddy in such a light. We never expected Sean to be involved in something like this, he added, emphasizing the magnitude of his surprise.

Context and Content of the Video

The video in question reportedly shows a physical and verbal altercation between Diddy and Cassie. Sources close to the situation have suggested that this incident may have occurred several years ago, during a tumultuous period in their relationship. The footage has raised considerable concerns among fans and critics alike, with many calling for further investigation and accountability.

In light of the video’s circulation, both Diddy and Cassie have yet to make official statements addressing the incident. However, the public reaction has been swift, with social media platforms lighting up with discussions, opinions, and demands for clarity.

Support for Cassie

Kim Porter’s father expressed his support for Cassie, highlighting the importance of standing by victims of such incidents. No one deserves to go through what she did. It’s heartbreaking, he remarked. He also urged others who might be in similar situations to come forward and seek help. His words resonate with a broader call for addressing and preventing domestic violence in all its forms.

The public’s reaction to the video underscores a growing awareness and intolerance for abusive behavior, especially among high-profile individuals. The support for Cassie has been widespread, with many rallying behind her and advocating for justice.

Implications for Diddy’s Reputation

This incident raises significant questions about Diddy’s public image and legacy. Known for his contributions to the music industry and his larger-than-life persona, these allegations could tarnish his reputation if proven true. The absence of a clear response from him only adds to the uncertainty and concern surrounding the situation.

As the story continues to unfold, the impact on Diddy’s career remains to be seen. Regardless of the eventual outcome, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accountability and the potential consequences of one’s actions, both publicly and privately.


Kim Porter’s father’s statements to TMZ provide a poignant perspective on a deeply troubling situation. His call for support for Cassie and his disappointment in Diddy’s actions reflect broader societal values of justice and accountability. As more information comes to light, the public will undoubtedly continue to scrutinize the actions of those involved. This incident emphasizes the need for ongoing dialogue and action against domestic violence and abusive behavior.


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