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Jason Sudeikis Questions Travis Kelce About When He Will ‘Make an Honest Woman’ of Taylor Swift During Big Slick Skit – PEOPLE

Jason Sudeikis Questions Travis Kelce About When He Will ‘Make an Honest Woman’ of Taylor Swift During Big Slick Skit

In a recent turn of events during the Big Slick charity event, comedian Jason Sudeikis playfully put NFL star Travis Kelce on the spot, asking when he would ‘make an honest woman’ of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. The skit raised eyebrows and elicited laughter from the audience, blending a potent mix of humor and celebrity intrigue.

The Big Slick Event

The Big Slick celebrity fundraiser is an annual event held in Kansas City, which aims to raise money for the Children’s Mercy Hospital. The event features a slew of star-studded activities, including a celebrity softball game, bowling, and a live auction, all in the name of philanthropy. Participants often include well-known actors, musicians, and sports figures, contributing their time and efforts to this noble cause. This year was no different, drawing a host of famous faces including Jason Sudeikis and Travis Kelce.

A Playful Exchange

During the fundraising skit, Sudeikis turned the spotlight on Kelce, leveraging his knack for comedic timing. Known for his roles in Ted Lasso and Saturday Night Live, Sudeikis didn’t hesitate to ask the burning question: When are you going to make an honest woman of Taylor Swift? The statement quickly became the talking point of the evening, evoking laughter from the audience and others on stage.

Travis Kelce, who is well-known as a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, took the question in stride. Although appearing momentarily taken aback, Kelce responded with a grin, playing along with the comedic tone of the event. The playful interaction between Sudeikis and Kelce highlighted the lighthearted nature of the evening, while also drawing attention to Kelce’s rumored romantic involvement with Taylor Swift.

The Swift-Kelce Romance Rumors

Rumors about a possible romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been circulating for some time. While neither has publicly confirmed a relationship, fans and media alike have been abuzz with speculation. Taylor Swift, a pop icon with a storied career and legions of fans, would certainly attract public interest in her personal relationships. Kelce, a prominent NFL player, has also enjoyed his fair share of the limelight, making the potential pairing a hot topic of discussion.

The playful query from Sudeikis only fueled further speculation, adding a humorous twist to the ongoing rumors. Regardless of the current nature of their relationship, it appears that both Swift and Kelce are taking the attention in stride, focusing on their respective careers and public appearances.

Concluding Thoughts

The Big Slick charity event once again proved to be a success, blending celebrity, humor, and philanthropy in a compelling package. Jason Sudeikis’s comedic question to Travis Kelce provided a memorable moment, encapsulating the spirit of the evening—raising funds for Children’s Mercy Hospital while providing entertainment to those in attendance. Whether the playful inquiry will lead to any revelations about Kelce and Swift’s relationship remains to be seen, but it certainly added an element of intrigue and amusement to the event.

As the rumors about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continue to circulate, fans will undoubtedly keep a close watch. In the meantime, events like Big Slick serve as a reminder of the positive impact celebrities can have when they unite for a good cause.


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