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Top 5 New Movies to Stream on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Others (May 28-June 3) – Tom’s Guide


As streaming platforms continue to expand their libraries, a diverse selection of films becomes available for consumers to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. This week, services like Disney Plus, Hulu, and other notable platforms are releasing an exciting mix of movies that range from family-friendly animations to intense dramas. Here are the top 5 new movies to stream from May 28 to June 3, ensuring you stay entertained as summer kicks off.

1. The Journey Beyond – Disney Plus

Release Date: May 29

The Journey Beyond, a new animated feature on Disney Plus, captures the essence of adventure and the mysteries of the universe through the eyes of its young protagonist, Mia. The film is celebrated for its stunning visuals and a heartfelt story that encourages viewers to explore the world around them and embrace the unknown. With a voice cast featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, this is a perfect pick for families or anyone who retains a sense of wonder.

2. Shadow of the City – Hulu

Release Date: May 31

Set in a gritty urban landscape, Shadow of the City is a thrilling neo-noir drama now streaming on Hulu. It delves into the life of a detective caught in the intertwining worlds of crime and political corruption. As he navigates through dangerous alliances and his quest for truth, viewers are taken on a gripping, suspense-filled ride. It’s a must-watch for fans of the genre and those who appreciate deeply layered narratives and complex characters.

3. Whispers in the Dark – Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: June 1

Whispers in the Mode remakes this type of cinema in new, modern-day contexts.

4. Legacy of Lies – Netflix

Release Date: June 2

Netflix introduces Legacy of Lies, an action-packed spy thriller that redefines betrayal and espionage. The movie stars a dynamic lead who is drawn back into the world of international intelligence and conspiracies, years after a tragic ending to his career. With high-stakes action, unexpected twists, and a compelling plot, this film is an intense ride from start to finish, perfect for those who crave high-energy storytelling.

5. Heartstrings – Paramount+

Release Date: June 3 mixes humor, drama, and music. It’s a wonderful exploration of the power of stories and how they shape us, wrapped in warmth and universality.


The increasing variety and accessibility of films on streaming platforms continue to change how we discover and enjoy movies. This selection from Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Paramount+ represents just a slice of the vast array of narratives being explored in cinema today. Whether you’re in the mood for an animated adventure, a complex drama, or an action thriller, these new releases promise to deliver memorable viewing experiences for all types of movie enthusiasts.


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