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Memorial Day Weekend 2024: Top Movie & TV Picks to Watch – Vulture

Introduction to Memorial Day Weekend 2024 Entertainment

Memorial Day Weekend, often considered the unofficial start of summer, is not only a time for reflection and remembrance but also a perfect occasion to catch up on some of the latest and greatest in film and television. As 2024 approaches, various highly anticipated releases are set to grace screens both big and small. Here’s your guide to the must-watch movies and TV shows during Memorial Day Weekend 2024, carefully curated by Vulture.

Blockbuster Movies to Watch

1. Heroes Reborn: Dawn of Justice

Launching on the big screen this Memorial Day Weekend is Heroes Reborn: Dawn of Justice. This superhero epic, directed by noted filmmaker John Smith, is expected to redefine the genre with groundbreaking special effects and a powerful narrative focusing on themes of sacrifice and bravery. The ensemble cast includes A-list stars like Emily Blunt and Michael B. Jordan.

2. The Great Escape

For those who appreciate historical dramas, The Great Escape, directed by Oscar-winner Jane Doe, draws on untold stories from World War II. This film not only promises thrilling action sequences but also profound human stories of struggle and triumph. Critics have already hailed its meticulously crafted screenplay and standout performances.

Family-Friendly Picks

1. The Adventures of Wizzle Wozzle

Perfect for family viewing, The Adventures of Wizzle Wozzle is an animated feature from the studios that brought you The Enchanted Reef. Follow the fantastical adventures of Wizzle, a whimsical wizard, as he explores magical lands. The film includes voice work from beloved actors like Tom Hanks and Zendaya, ensuring entertainment for all age groups.

2. Galaxy Racers

Feel the need for speed with Galaxy Racers, an interstellar animated film that takes racing to new dimensions. Featuring a gripping soundtrack and an array of colorful alien characters, this movie is set to be a hit among children looking for both excitement and inspiration.

Television Treats

1. Chronicles of the Crown

Expanding the world of the popular series, Chronicles of the Crown returns with its second season this Memorial Day Weekend. Dive into the intrigue and drama of medieval courts, as nobles vie for power and influence. This fantasy series, noted for its elaborate costumes and complex characters, premieres its much-awaited new episodes on top streaming services.

2. Deep Space Nine Revisited

Trekkies, rejoice! Deep Space Nine Revisited explores the untold stories of the iconic space station. This documentary series combines rare behind-the-scenes footage with interviews from the original cast and crew, making it an essential watch for science fiction fans and series newcomers alike. It’s a unique way to delve into the lore while honoring the legacy of the Star Trek universe.

Why These Picks?

Focusing on a mix of genres and formats, the selection aims to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From high-octane blockbusters to insightful TV series, there is something for everyone to enjoy over the long weekend. Moreover, these picks are not just about entertainment; they are also about celebrating artistic expression and storytelling prowess.


Memorial Day Weekend is a perfect time to unwind and indulge in some quality movie and TV time. With an array of anticipated movies and gripping television shows, 2022 offers an exciting mix for audiences of all ages and preferences. Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare your viewing schedule to make the most of this entertainment-filled weekend.


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