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Police say Nicki Minaj has been released from custody in the Netherlands following her detention for possession of ‘soft drugs’ – CNN

Nicki Minaj Released from Custody in the Netherlands

Background of the Incident

Internationally renowned rapper Nicki Minaj was recently detained in the Netherlands due to possession of what local laws categorize as ‘soft drugs’. According to Dutch law, ‘soft drugs’ include substances like cannabis, which are typically tolerated under controlled conditions. However, the artist found herself in legal trouble when she was found in possession of these substances outside the regulated norms.

Details of the Detention and Release

The incident occurred late Saturday evening when local police conducted a routine check in Amsterdam’s bustling nightlife district. Minaj, who was in the country for a music tour, was reportedly taken into custody after the authorities discovered a small amount of cannabis during a search. The arrest drew immediate media attention, given Minaj’s global celebrity status.

Following her detention, Minaj spent several hours in custody while the legal proceedings took shape. Dutch law enforces relatively lenient policies for ‘soft drug’ violations, which likely facilitated the quick processing of her case. Ultimately, she was released from custody after a brief period, as confirmed by law enforcement officials early Sunday morning.

Legal Implications and Reactions

The legal ramifications for Minaj are expected to be minimal. The Netherlands has a well-known policy of tolerance towards the personal use of cannabis, although regulations around its use are strictly enforced. Tourists often misinterpret these laws, leading to such detentions. As for Minaj, authorities have not pressed major charges, possibly due to the minor nature of the offense and her cooperation during the incident.

The news of Minaj’s detention and subsequent release prompted a wide range of reactions on social media, from support to criticism. Fans rallied on various platforms, expressing relief at her release and emphasizing the cultural differences in drug laws between the Netherlands and other countries, particularly the United States.

Minaj herself took to social media shortly after her release, thanking her fans for their support and underscoring her respect for the laws of every country she visits. She assured her followers that she intends to stay compliant with local laws in the future to avoid similar incidents.


This incident highlights the complexities international artists face while touring different countries, each with its unique set of laws and regulations. For Minaj, the event served as a reminder of the legal nuances that come with international travel. Meanwhile, her quick release likely mitigates any significant interruption to her scheduled performances and commitments in Europe.

As the story develops, more information may surface regarding the specifics of the incident and any lasting impacts it may have on Minaj’s international touring schedule. For now, the artist plans to continue her tour, with a heightened awareness of the legal landscapes she navigates.


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