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King Charles and William Engage in Extended Talks on Revoking Harry and Meghan’s Royal Titles – Here’s Why It Won’t Happen – New York Post

The Discourse Around Revoking Harry and Meghan’s Royal Titles

Recent discussions between King Charles and Prince William have fueled speculation about the possible revocation of royal titles from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This move comes in the wake of persistent tensions between the Sussexes and the British royal family, highlighted by public statements and interviews that have often been seen as controversial.

The Nature of the Talks

The talks between the King and the Prince of Wales are understood to be deep and reflective, focusing on the long-term implications of the step they are contemplating. This level of discourse suggests a weighing of not just the immediate fallout, but the historical and future impact on the monarchy’s image and the precedent it would set.

Reasons Behind Considering Title Revocation

The reasons for considering such a drastic move seem to be rooted in the continuous controversies surrounding Harry and Meghan’s activities, especially after moving to the United States and stepping down from front-line royal duties. From the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey to the various public statements and book deals, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have consistently made headlines, which some argue have the potential to undermine the royal family’s reputation.

Why Revoking Titles Is Unlikely

Despite the apparent earnestness of the discussions, revoking Harry and Meghan’s titles is fraught with complications and is unlikely to happen. Following are several reasons why this drastic measure might not come to fruition:

Legal and Procedural Challenges

The process of title revocation is complex and unprecedented in modern times. There is no clear legal or procedural roadmap for stripping a royal of their titles, which would make the move risky and potentially embroiled in legal battles.

Public and Commonwealth Reaction

The reaction from the public and the Commonwealth could be unpredictable. Harry and Meghan have amassed a significant global following and any move against them could result in a public relations backlash. This could weaken the monarchy’s standing both at home and internationally, particularly in places where the monarchy’s relevance is already being questioned.

Possible Negative Impact on the Monarchy’s Image

Rather than reinforce the monarchy’s dignity, stripping Harry and Meghan of their titles could be perceived as petty or vindictive, potentially damaging the monarchy’s image. It could portray the royal family as intolerant of dissent and unsupportive of personal freedom, qualities that are increasingly valued by the public.

The Importance of Family Ties

Finally, Harry remains King Charles’s son and Prince William’s brother. The familial bond might be a strong deterrent against taking such definitive action. Preserving family unity, even amidst disagreement, often takes precedence in family-centered institutions like the monarchy.


While the discussions between King Charles and Prince William highlight the seriousness with which they are contemplating the future roles of Harry and Meghan, revoking their titles seems improbable. The royal family is likely to seek less divisive ways to address the challenges posed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, prioritizing the long-term stability and reputation of the monarchy over immediate retributive measures.


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