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9 Best New Movies to Stream This Week on Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and Others (May 21-27) – Tom’s Guide


As streaming platforms vie for audience attention with a vast array of choices, staying updated with the best new releases can be a daunting task. This guide brings you the top nine movies making their debut on various streaming networks like Netflix, Prime Video, Max, and others for the week of May 21-27. Whether you are in the mood for action-packed thrillers, heartfelt dramas, or mind-bending sci-fi, there’s something in this list to cater to every taste.

New Releases on Netflix

1. The Chase (2023)

Starting off our list is The Chase, a gripping thriller that follows a detective on the hunt of a serial killer in a rainy, noir-esque cityscape. This film offers a tense, atmospheric experience and promises a finale that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

2. Joshua Tree (2023)

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ava Duvernay, Joshua Tree is a powerful drama set in the vast desert of Southern California. It explores themes of survival, rebirth and the human spirit, portrayed through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling.

Highlights on Prime Video

3. Skybound (2023)

Set in an alternate futuristic reality, Skybound features an ensemble cast on a perilous airship journey. The movie blends elements of science fiction with adventure, creating an intriguing narrative that delves into themes of trust and hope amidst crisis.

4. Lost Melody (2023)

In this heartfelt indie gem, a musician struggles to regain her lost creative spark while facing life’s unpredictable challenges. With its soulful music score and sensitive performances, Lost Melody is a touching ode to the healing power of art.

Top Picks on Max

5. Fortress of Solitude (2023)

This superhero flick reimagines classic comic book lore, focusing on a lesser-known hero tasked with protecting a mythical city. Fortress of Solitude combines superb effects, intense action sequences, and a deep, character-driven story.

6. Echo Park (2023)

Echo Park takes viewers into the heart of Los Angeles through the eyes of its diverse inhabitants. The film weaves multiple narratives that capture the essence of community and the universal search for connection.

New Entries on Other Streaming Services

7. Tomorrow’s Shadow (2023) – Hulu

This dystopian thriller unravels in a world where the sun is dying, and humanity faces impending doom. Tomorrow’s Shadow offers a suspenseful exploration of how different personalities respond to extreme circumstances.

8. Whispers in the Dark (2023) – Apple TV+

A psychological thriller, Whispers in the Dark chronicles the disturbing events that unfold when a psychologist starts receiving anonymous threats that intertwine with her cases. It’s a chilling narrative filled with twists and profound insights into the human psyche.

9. The Last Folk Hero (2023) – Disney+

This biographical film tells the compelling story of an unsung hero from the 20th century whose daring acts changed countless lives. Blending historical facts with a narrative flair, The Last Folk Hero is not only educational but deeply inspiring.


This week’s streaming lineup presents a compelling mix of genres and stories from visionary filmmakers and talented casts. Each platform brings its unique offerings to the table, ensuring that viewers have a wide selection of new movies to choose from. So, get your popcorn ready and prepare for a week filled with exceptional cinematic experiences.


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