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Trump silence payment case: Judge reprimands defense witness Robert Costello – The Associated Press

Judge Reprimands Defense Witness Robert Costello in Trump Silence Payment Case

In a significant moment during the ongoing legal scrutiny surrounding former President Donald Trump, a judge issued a sharp reprimand to defense witness Robert Costello. The case in question involves allegations that Trump arranged payments to silence discussions about alleged affairs, thereby potentially influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The legal proceedings have drawn national attention not only for their potential ramifications for Trump but also for the behavior and reliability of witnesses involved.

Background of the Case

The case centers around payments made to two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who alleged they had affairs with Donald Trump before he became president. Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty in 2018 to federal charges that included arranging these payments, which were deemed illegal campaign contributions. Trump has denied the affairs and any wrongdoing. The ongoing proceedings aim to ascertain the extent of Trump’s involvement and whether he violated any campaign finance laws.

Role of Robert Costello in the Case

Robert Costello, who served as a legal advisor to Michael Cohen, was called as a defense witness in the case. Costello’s testimony was anticipated to provide a counter-narrative to Cohen’s claims, potentially exonerating Trump from direct involvement in the illegal payment schemes. Costello, a respected lawyer with a history of involvement in high-profile legal cases, was expected to bolster the defense’s claim that Cohen acted independently without direct instructions from Trump.

Incident of Reprimand

The reprimand came after Costello’s testimony appeared to contain several inconsistencies when cross-examined by the prosecution. The judge criticized Costello for what was perceived as evasive and unreliable testimony, noting that his statements in the courtroom contradicted earlier statements made during pre-trial depositions. The judge’s admonition highlighted concerns about the credibility of witnesses brought forth in defense of Trump and underscored the complexities involved in untangling the web of narratives presented in the case.

Implications of the Reprimand

This judicial reprimand may have significant implications for the case. First, it casts doubt on the reliability of testimony that could be crucial for Trump’s defense. An unreliable witness could undermine the defense’s efforts to dissociate Trump from the illicit activities cited by the prosecution. Furthermore, the judge’s criticism could influence the jury’s perception of the testimonies and ultimately, the outcome of the trial.


As the case progresses, all eyes will remain on how each development impacts the former president’s legal standing and political future. The reprimand of Robert Costello is a stark reminder of the high stakes involved and the rigorous scrutiny being applied in the courtroom. This trial continues to not only reveal the intricacies of campaign finance laws and presidential accountability but also tests the strength of the legal safeguards against political corruption in the United States.


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