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Amber Rose Supports Donald Trump for President in 2024


In an unexpected turn of events, Amber Rose, the well-known American model, actress, and television personality, has voiced her support for Donald Trump as the presidential candidate for the 2024 United States elections. This announcement has sparked a variety of reactions from both the public and media, given her previous advocacy for feminist causes and participation in movements that traditionally oppose many of Trump’s policies.

Amber Rose’s Endorsement

Amber Rose expressed her support for Donald Trump through a series of social media posts that quickly went viral. In her posts, Rose highlighted her belief in the need for a strong leadership approach, which she feels Trump exemplifies. She commended his business acumen and his previous tenure as president, suggesting that his experience and forthrightness are what the country needs in challenging times.

Reasons Behind Her Support

Rose’s endorsement seems to stem from her personal assessments of the economic and international policies under Trump’s previous administration. She argued that, during his presidency, there were significant improvements in employment rates and international trade deals which positively impacted many Americans. Despite her previous support for more liberal causes, Rose believes that Trump’s policy strengths outweigh the controversies surrounding his administration.

Public and Media Reactions

The reaction to Amber Rose’s endorsement has been mixed. On one side, Trump supporters welcome the endorsement as a valuable and unexpected source of support from the entertainment industry, which typically leans more liberal. On the other side, Rose’s fans and supporters from her feminist activism days have expressed disappointment and shock, viewing her endorsement as contradictory to the values she previously stood up for.

Impact on Feminist Supporters

Many of Amber Rose’s followers are struggling to align her feminist advocacy with her support for a candidate who has been criticized for misogynistic remarks and actions in the past. This juxtaposition has led to a broader discussion on the intersection of celebrity influence, politics, and personal values.

Political Analysis

Analysts are scrutinizing the potential impact of Rose’s endorsement on the 2024 presidential race. Some speculate that her support could sway certain voters who admire her boldness and entrepreneurial success. Others, however, doubt that her endorsement will bring significant change to the overall political landscape, given the polarized nature of current U.S. politics.

Broader Implications

This development underscores a larger trend of celebrities participating more actively in political discussions, potentially mobilizing fans and followers in ways traditional political figures cannot. The effectiveness and impact of celebrity endorsements in politics remain subjects of ongoing debate among political scientists and strategists.


Amber Rose’s endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 presidency is a notable example of how unpredictable celebrity political alignments can be. While it has certainly stirred discussions and varying emotions among different groups, it also highlights the complex nature of personal and public political affiliations in today’s highly interconnected and media-driven society.


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