An imaginative courtroom scene where Justice Brett Kavanaugh is giving a speech on presidential authority, with posters of Taylor Swift in the background and a TV screen showing Caitlin Clark playing

Brett Kavanaugh discusses presidential authority, his admiration for Taylor Swift, and a costly visit to watch Caitlin Clark – CNN

Brett Kavanaugh on Presidential Authority

Speaking at a recent panel discussion at Georgetown University, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh opened up about his views on presidential authority. Kavanaugh emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between executive power and judicial oversight. He expressed strong support for a framework that ensures the president has sufficient authority to lead effectively, yet remains accountable under the law. Kavanaugh referred to several landmark cases to underline the complexities and nuances inherent in assessing presidential power and its limits.

The Significance of Past Precedents

Kavanaugh highlighted significant cases such as United States v. Nixon and Clinton v. Jones, which have shaped the legal landscape regarding executive authority and its boundaries. He pointed out how these cases set important precedents for how presidents can be held accountable, stressing that the judiciary has a critical role to play in upholding the Constitution and preventing any abuses of presidential power.

Kavanaugh’s Admiration for Taylor Swift

Justice Kavanaugh surprisingly shifted gears during the discussion, expressing his deep admiration for pop superstar Taylor Swift. Kavanaugh praised Swift not only for her music but also for her ability to influence and shape cultural conversations. He remarked on her skillful management of her career and her intentional use of her platform to advocate for artists’ rights and against systemic abuse in the entertainment industry.

Inspiration from Swift’s Resilience

He particularly commended Taylor Swift for her resilience in handling public controversies and legal battles, such as her firm stance during her 2017 sexual assault lawsuit. Kavanaugh sees Swift’s actions and her determination to stand up for her beliefs as inspirational, noting that her journey reflects broader themes of fairness and justice that resonate deeply with his work in the legal field.

Kavanaugh’s Costly Visit to Watch Caitlin Clark

The conversation took a personal turn as Kavanaugh recounted a recent trip to watch Caitlin Clark, a standout player for the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball team. Kavanaugh, an avid sports fan, described the experience as both exciting and costly, as he traveled specifically to see Clark play. He used this anecdote to discuss broader issues of gender equality in sports, highlighting how female athletes often do not receive the same recognition and financial support as their male counterparts.

Advocacy for Gender Equality in Sports

Kavanaugh called for greater media coverage and investment in women’s sports, citing Clark’s exceptional talent as an example of the high level of competition and skill present in women’s athletics. He expressed hope that increased visibility and support could lead to more equal treatment and opportunities for female athletes across all sports.


Throughout his discussion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh provided insights into his viewpoints on major issues such as presidential authority, his personal interests, and societal issues like gender equality in sports. His comments reflect a blend of professional commitment to the law alongside personal passions and beliefs, offering a multifaceted view of his character and values.


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