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Top 7 New Movies to Stream This Week on Netflix, Max, Hulu, and More (May 7-13) – Tom’s Guide

Top 7 New Movies to Stream This Week on Netflix, Max, Hulu, and More (May 7-13)

As streaming platforms constantly update their catalogues with fresh releases, navigating through the plethora of options can be overwhelming. This guide offers a curated list of the top seven must-watch movies that will be available on popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu from May 7 to May 13.

1. The Final Word – Netflix

Debuting this week on Netflix, The Final Word is a gripping courtroom drama centered around a retired lawyer who returns to the court to defend an innocent man wrongly accused of murder. Known for its brilliant screenplay and compelling performances, this film is a must-watch for lovers of intense drama and legal intricacies.

2. Shadows Over Millbrook – HBO Max

This chilling mystery thriller set in the 1980s follows a young journalist as she unravels dark secrets in a small rural town. Shadows Over Millbrook boasts a haunting atmosphere complemented by a standout performance from its leading actress. It’s perfect for viewers who delight in twists and suspense.

3. Glimpse of Love – Hulu

A heartwarming romantic comedy, Glimpse of Love tells the story of two college sweethearts reuniting after a decade apart. With sharp wit, relatable characters, and an earnest storyline, it explores themes of love, redemption, and the passage of time. Hulu subscribers looking for a light and engaging rom-com will find it a charming addition.

4. Echoes of the Past – Amazon Prime Video

This historical drama, featured on Amazon Prime Video, transports viewers back to the French Resistance during World War II. Echoes of the Past examines the resilience and sacrifices of those involved in the struggle against occupation. It’s a powerful portrayal of heroism and humanity in times of conflict.

5. The Space Between Stars – Netflix

Netflix introduces The Space Between Stars, a visually stunning science-fiction adventure that explores mankind’s first contact with an alien civilization. Combining awe-inspiring special effects with existential questions, this film is tailored for sci-fi aficionados eager for a journey beyond the stars.

6. Silent Echoes – HBO Max

Silent Echoes features a compelling blend of horror and psychological thriller elements. The story revolves around a writer who retreats to a remote cabin to overcome her writer’s block but finds herself confronted by hauntings rooted in her own subconscious. It’s ideal for viewers who appreciate atmospheric tension and psychological depth.

7. Under the Sun – Hulu

Set in the picturesque vineyards of Italy, Under the Sun is a delightful culinary movie about a chef rediscovering his passion for food and life’s simple pleasures after encountering a renowned food critic. Hulu’s offering will surely appeal to food enthusiasts and fans of uplifting, scenic films.

With each streaming service offering something unique this week, from intense drama to lighthearted rom-coms and thrilling science fiction, there’s likely something to match every taste and mood. Be sure to check out these top picks to make the most of your streaming experience!


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