A stylized portrait of a 19th-century royal coronation scene, depicting King Charles in ornate regal attire, visibly upset and gesturing with his scepter towards a grand clock as Kate and William rush

What an irate King Charles actually said when Kate and William were tardy to the coronation, according to an expert – New York Post

Understanding the Dynamics at King Charles’ Coronation

The coronation of King Charles was a momentous event, marked not only by its grandeur and historical significance but also by the notable intricacies of royal protocol and family dynamics. A particularly intriguing incident reportedly involved the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were allegedly late to the ceremony.

What Happened at the Coronation?

According to sources and expert analyses cited by the New York Post, there was a moment of tension when Prince William and Kate were reportedly running late to the coronation of King Charles. Tardiness in royal engagements, especially one as significant as a coronation, is not just a minor faux pas but can be seen as a breach of protocol and respect.

King Charles’ Reaction

The reaction of King Charles to this situation was the focus of much media speculation. As reported, an expert on royal affairs provided insights into what transpired. It was suggested that King Charles, known for his adherence to royal protocols, was noticeably irate over the situation. However, the specifics of what was actually said remain murky, shrouded by the confidential nature of personal interactions within the royal family.

Despite the initial reports of frustration, it is crucial to note that public responses by the King and the royal family remained composed and focused on the day’s celebrations. The incident was quickly overshadowed by the grandeur of the coronation itself and the public’s positive reception of the ceremony.

Analysis by Experts

Royal experts speculate that any expression of disappointment by King Charles would likely have been discreet and measured, aimed at quickly resolving the disruption without attracting public attention. In royal traditions, maintaining a composed and dignified front is paramount, especially during public ceremonies. Experts indicate that such incidents, while noteworthy, often get exaggerated in retellings, with the actual events being less dramatic.

The Role of Royal Protocol

The incident brings into focus the stringent protocols that govern royal behaviors and interactions. These protocols are not just traditional but serve to maintain the decorum and image of the royal family in public events. The adherence to these protocols by family members reflects their respect for the institution they represent.

Royal protocol, particularly during significant events like a coronation, demands punctuality and preparedness. Any deviation from this can be seen as a lapse in duty and respect. However, the royal family is also a family in a traditional sense, grappling with the same challenges and dynamics that other families do, albeit under constant public scrutiny.


While the specifics of what King Charles said during the incident remain largely speculative, the importance of royal protocol and family dynamics within such high-profile events cannot be understated. The coronation of King Charles highlighted not only the ceremonial aspect of the British monarchy but also the personal elements that play into such grand occasions.

This incident, brief as it may have been, serves as a reminder of the pressures faced by the royal family members and the expectations placed upon them in their public and private lives. As the monarchy continues under King Charles’ reign, such instances provide key insights into the evolving nature of royal protocols and relationships.


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