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Kristi Noem Implies That Biden’s Dog Also Deserved to Be Euthanized – The New York Times

Kristi Noem’s Controversial Comments Regarding Biden’s Dog

In a recent statement that has sparked widespread controversy and backlash, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem made remarks implying that President Joe Biden’s dog, Major, also deserved to be euthanized. These comments were made during an interview when the discussion unexpectedly turned towards the handling of animals that exhibit aggressive behavior.

Context of Governor Noem’s Remark

The discussion in which Governor Noem participated was initially focused on legislative matters and her political agendas. However, as the conversation shifted towards more personal anecdotes involving pets, Governor Noem referenced a previous incident involving President Biden’s dog, Major. Major, a German Shepherd who has been reported to have behaved aggressively on multiple occasions within the White House, became the center of Noem’s controversial statement.

Public and Political Reaction

The outcry was swift on social media, with both the public and political figures weighing in. Many criticized Governor Noem for what was seen as an insensitive and extreme position on handling pets’ behavioral issues. Animal rights organizations and pet advocates expressed dismay, suggesting that Noem’s comments reflected a poor attitude towards animal rehabilitation and welfare.

Biden’s History with Major

President Biden adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association, and he has been part of the Biden family since. While incidents of aggression towards White House staff have been noted, the Bidens have taken steps to address this behavior, including additional training and adjustments to Major’s environment. The Biden family’s efforts show a commitment to handling the issue responsibly without resorting to extreme measures.

Implications of Noem’s Comments

The implications of Governor Noem’s remarks extend beyond the immediate backlash. Politically, these statements may affect her rapport with animal lovers and those who advocate for more compassionate approaches to pet management. It also raises questions about the role of public figures in influencing discussions on sensitive issues such as animal euthanasia and the responsibilities of pet ownership.


Governor Kristi Noem’s implication regarding President Biden’s dog Major was met with significant criticism. The incident highlights the sensitivity required when public figures discuss issues related to animal welfare and the impact of their words on public perception and policy debates. Moving forward, it remains to be seen how this will affect Noem’s political trajectory and her relationship with key voter blocs concerned with animal rights and ethical treatment.


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