Digital artwork of Kendrick Lamar in a recording studio, with a clock showing 6:16, overlooking a nighttime cityscape of Los Angeles, with subtle hints of Drake in the background.

Kendrick Lamar Drops Another Drake Diss Track Titled ‘6:16 In LA’: Hear It Now – Rolling Stone

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Drake Diss Track 6:16 In LA

In a surprising move that has set the internet ablaze, Kendrick Lamar has dropped yet another diss track aimed at fellow rapper Drake. The song, titled 6:16 In LA, was released unexpectedly and is currently available across all major streaming platforms. This latest installment adds fuel to the ongoing feud between the two hip-hop giants, sparking debates and discussions among fans and critics alike.

Background of the Feud

The tension between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is not new. It dates back several years, with both artists subtly and not-so-subtly addressing each other in their lyrics. Observers point to Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s Control as one of the first major public call-outs, where he named several rappers, including Drake, suggesting a competitive rivalry.

Since then, the two have volleyed back and forth with various tracks and verses believed to be targeting one another, though often without explicitly naming names. This pattern of indirect communication has kept the audience guessing at the intent behind many lines in their songs.

Analysis of 6:16 In LA

6:16 In LA seems to shift from the more veiled digs of the past to direct and unmistakable shots at Drake. The title itself is a play on numbers, a motif both artists have previously used, but here it appears to point to a specific time and place related to their rivalry.

The track features Kendrick Lamar’s signature complex lyrics and intense delivery. He references past collaborations and disputes between the two, incorporating a mix of personal anecdotes and broader commentary on the rap industry. Notably, Kendrick questions the authenticity and the motives behind Drake’s artistic choices and public persona.

Reception and Impact

Since its release, 6:16 In LA has dominated social media discussions and music news outlets. Fans and critics have dissected every line, looking for hidden meanings and potential responses from Drake. The song has quickly climbed the charts, further testament to its impact and the public’s interest in the ongoing feud.

Experts suggest that this track will not only influence the direct relationship between Kendrick Lamar and Drake but might also affect the broader rap community. It raises questions about competition, artistry, and the commercial pressures of the music industry.

What’s Next?

As of now, Drake has not responded to 6:16 In LA either through music or public comments. The community is eagerly watching to see if and how he will answer Kendrick’s bold move. Additionally, fans are speculating about whether this track will be part of a larger project by Kendrick Lamar or if it stands alone in the context of their rivalry.

Despite the personal and competitive nature of 6:16 In LA, it is ultimately a demonstration of the creativity and dynamism within hip-hop. This genre continues to be a space for artists to challenge each other, pushing the envelope both lyrically and musically. The outcome of this latest chapter in the Kendrick Lamar-Drake saga remains to be seen, but it is sure to be remembered as a pivotal moment in their storied careers.

For now, 6:16 In LA is available for streaming, offering an up-close look at one of rap’s most fascinating ongoing rivalries. Each play not only brings more attention to the intricacies of their feud but also underscores the power of music as a form of expression and engagement within the cultural zeitgeist.


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