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Kristi Noem’s Prospects for Vice Presidency Seem as Bleak as the Dog She Killed, Among Other Factors – POLITICO

Assessing Kristi Noem’s Vice Presidential Ambitions

As the political landscape for the upcoming elections takes shape, one name that often surfaces as a possible contender for the vice-presidential nomination within the Republican Party is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. However, her prospects seem to be dimming due to a variety of factors, including some controversial incidents during her tenure as governor.

The Controversies Surrounding Governor Noem

One of the incidents that have cast a shadow over Noem’s political future involved her family’s pet dog. Reports surfaced that the dog was killed under questionable circumstances, raising ethical concerns and questions about her judgment. Such personal controversies can damage a politician’s public image and erode trust among constituents and potential supporters.

Moreover, Governor Noem has faced criticism for her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her approach, characterized by a resistance to mandating masks and other restrictions, has been contentious. While her stance resonated with a segment of the population valuing personal freedom and skepticism of government mandates, it also drew sharp criticism from public health experts and others concerned about the spread of the virus.

Political and Electoral Implications

The components necessary for a successful bid for national office include not only a clean personal and professional record but also the ability to appeal to a broad spectrum of voters. In the case of Kristi Noem, the balance seems to be tilted against her due to her polarizing policies and the aforementioned personal controversies.

Additionally, in the fiercely competitive arena of national politics, any negative publicity can significantly hamper a candidate’s chances. For Noem, the accumulation of these issues may be particularly detrimental if she seeks a position as visible and scrutinized as the vice presidency.

Broader Impact on the Republican Ticket

Facing an electorate that is increasingly concerned with issues of competency and ethics, the GOP will likely consider the potential drawbacks of placing Noem on the ticket. The role of the vice president is not only to balance the ticket but also to be a capable second-in-command. With her record, Noem may be seen as a risky choice who could alienate moderate and independent voters crucial for a national victory.


While Governor Kristi Noem remains a prominent figure within the Republican Party, her prospects for vice presidency appear bleak at this juncture. Political ambitions on the national stage require careful navigation of public perception and party politics, areas where Noem has faced significant challenges. Unless there is a dramatic shift in how these factors evolve, her journey to the vice-presidential nomination might be as compromised as the situations that have beset her gubernatorial tenure.


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